About the Company

The Solnce Yuga LLC is one of the leading Russian companies producing and selling natural raw materials for the food industry.

The company produces flour for baby food and dietary GOST 53495-2009, rice flour, buckwheat flour, oat flour and rice flour to TU.

Our production is located in Krasnodar Region in one of the most environmentally friendly places in Russia. The region, which grows up to 85% of the rice produced in our country. Our team has a purpose to provide the Russian manufacturer – Russian raw materials, which is comparable in quality and safety to foreign, but at a price that allows you to produce competitive products.

With our help, you can:

  • save on logistics because we are closer;
  • be independent of changes in trade policies of other countries – we are 100 per cent the Russian company;
  • know what our products are made of because our rice fields are across the road from the production.

We offer you the best prices and terms due to:

  • a modern industrial complex;
  • long-term contracts with suppliers, which allows us, in turn, ensure the consistent quality of our products and have the ability to enter into long-term agreements with you, fixing the prices of our products to 180 days;
  • a competent work with the order from the application till the delivery of the goods to the customer's warehouse, from automotive and finishing container and wagon supply to all regions of Russia, Europe and other countries. Strict adherence to delivery schedules;
  • providing free samples of our products for testing in your workplace;
  • providing clients with all the necessary documentation for the company's products;
  • a system of discounts, flexible payment terms and trade credit to regular customers

Our goal is to produce a range of rice and other cereal products, which will allow you to make the most of natural products as ingredients in the production of, and forget about bad natural ingredients, with no rise in price of the final product.

Each person can change a life for the better. Think of your loved ones. Give them a chance with every breakfast, lunch and dinner to become healthier, more cheerful and happier.